Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Chores

Are you in a part of the country where raking leaves is a perennial fall chore?

Remaining November leaves
Yes, autumn leaves are so beautiful!! They have a distinct smell that brings back so many memories...the smell of burning leaves, ahhh...before the ban:(    They bring so much joy for kids to gather and play in. But -- in most areas people rake, pile up, and bag leaves. PUT THOSE KIDS TO WORK!   If you 'train' them when they're very young, they join the family (another key!) and have fun playing while working. As they get older, it's just natural for them to help the family in many ways.

helping with fall chores!

If you allow them to jump into the chore, get muddy, and make a mess they'll have fun and forget that it is a job! Encouraging the results of their work when they're young and the quality is not so hot leads to:
            keeping your expectations realistic
            keeping their enthusiasm high
and later allows you to further encourage higher standards in everything they do.

Please remember that family chores done together increase family cohesiveness. Have fun even when working hard!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

Coming next: We attended the Writing4Change Conference in San Francisco this past weekend:)

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