Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

So we just finished Thanksgiving!!! But, we probably should all continue to focus on giving thanks for what we already have and downplay what we want!! We are role models for our's our choice whether we are good ones or bad ones.

About now kids begin to write those adorable letters to Santa...just how long are they anyway?? If their list is very long or very materialistic...then you might want to "tweak" some of their ideas.

     1. Kids do not 'need' lots of toys - help them see the difference in needs and wants early. Make sure they understand that they will not get everything on that list, nor should they. Santa has many children to give to and shares his toys around the world.

     2. Do not give your children all that they ask for. It saps the excitement from each moment because they begin to understand that, no matter what, they really will get it all.

     3. Christmas morning at our house was always "stockings first". The kids had to wake us up so we could go downstairs together for our stocking stuffers...small things - fruit, matchbox cars, socks. Everything was 'oohed' over and appreciated.
not really awake, but ready!

older, and much more ready...with Corky

    4. When we, as a family, opened gifts under the tree it was always one gift at a time. Everyone watched until that gift was opened, then we moved on to the next, including Mom and Dad. We alternated gifts from Santa and ones from parents. The kids knew they needed the right grateful attitude when opening presents...or we just might stop;)

     5. All during the holidays have the kids help. Chad and Scott helped make cookies, cook, wrap presents for others, straighten up. After Christmas Day see if the kids can find toys they're ready to let go of (ones their new gifts can replace). Have them go with you to drop these things off at a shelter or another organization that helps people.

still in jammies, but helping up a storm!

     Try to instill that attitude of gratitude early. It can begin to enhance their ability to think of others on their own as they get older.

Christmas brotherly love :)

Good luck during the holidays with gratitude!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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