Monday, January 3, 2011

Checklist: Chores

     There are many different types of chores, all very important. Here are a few:
     1. Type 1 is the everyday chore: the one you want your kids to do everyday - duh, sorry, that's pretty obvious, isn't it? Anyway...brushing teeth, making bed, feeding dog, clearing the table, or whatever you want the kids to do based on age and developmental abilities...all become everyday chores. Do you have a chore chart??
from Current, Inc. 
Charts can be very helpful in encouraging kids to want to do their jobs. Use old-fashioned stickers or markers or make up a check-off program on the computer to keep track of success.  Then use a small treat as an incentive at the end of the week if all chores are completed...the dollar stores are helpful in choosing!
     2. Type 2 chore is the now-and-then chore:
the overflowing basement toy box
When the toy box is overflowing, the bedroom is a mess, the bookcase is empty because the books are all over the floor, or any other area that is "theirs" needs work.......Have the kids set a timer for 20 minutes at a time. Say, "Let's work hard for 20 minutes, then you can do something fun for 10 minutes." Make sure that you work with them to keep them going. As they get older you can leave them alone to work for longer periods of time but not unless they have copied your work ethic for quite a while. The 20 minute intervals continue until the job is done, or until you're worn out.
is the job done yet???
     3. The Type 3 chore is one where the kids help the family do household jobs. These jobs encourage being a part of a productive family and give children a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and pride.
helping clean out the fireplace
     4. The Type 4 chore is kids helping with an adult project. They can help Dad build a trailer or help Mom organize photos - anything that gives them an opportunity to see the work that the family members do and to learn how that work ethic works. It also gets them out of that couch potato rut. The younger you put them to work with you, the better. As they get older, whether they like it or not, they'll consider helping to be a normal part of the family routine.
helping with a garage project
     5. The Type 5 chore involves learning skills they can use in the future: changing a bicycle tire, baking cookies, raking leaves, folding laundry. If they will use the skill in the future, then they should begin learning it early as a part of a loving family experience.
fixing a flat tire
     Try to keep the idea of doing chores as pleasant a task as possible...I know, that sounds ridiculous, right? But...turn on the music, laugh with each other, lighten up!!! It doesn't have to be drudgery. Remember, you are the role model. If you're a grouchy worker, they will be too!!! Be happy, be positive!

     More on chores soon...

Happy Parenting,
D and C

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