Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Cat

     Here is my cuddle-buddy...the cat :)
Does he hide well? He stayed in the fake plants for 5 minutes!!
Is this catnip?

YEESSS, it is!!

    If you want to have a friendly cat who really thinks he's a dog, get a fraternity cat!!  A what?? Yup, that's what he is. Scott, son #2, was a junior at MSU when his fraternity went to a ranch to ride horses. In the barn was a litter of kittens, one of which adopted Scott. The owner said to go ahead and take the kitten since many of them just got stomped on by the horses! So the cat got to live in a fraternity house - riding on the guys' shoulders, visiting every room, taking showers to get the beer off!! What a great way to make a cat super friendly!! During vacations cute cat came home with Scott...and Scott's mom(me) loved the adorable cat. After 3 trips home, springtime came and kitty decided to venture outside in the middle of the night from the fraternity house...they didn't have screens on the open windows! Scott got very tired of phone calls late at night saying, "We have your cat." So I got to keep that cat :)
    I love him. He is my buddy...sits on me constantly, purrs his happy purr, follows me around, and even hangs around outside on a leash during the summer. What a great friend! Thanks for the "loan" of your cat, Scott :)

aww, how sweet is he?
     Pets are awesome, before and after kids!!

Happy Parenting!
D and C

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