Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do You Believe?

     What do you believe?
    I believe in spirits, angels, joyful energy, and messages from beyond. Do you think I'm crazy?? Probably....but I don't care!!
     After losing my sweetie-pie in 1996, I felt lost....many down days, but holding it together with teaching and my boys.  But I did find "messages"----
     As we drove from the cemetery, F2's favorite song played on the radio and has continued to play whenever we needed it: a very sad day, when the 3 of us were together in the car, dropping a son off at college - constantly improving our mood, making us feel like Dad was still with us. The songs still produce joy and contentment in me.
     From here:
rehearsal dinner in 1968
     To here:
     And beyond!!!

     The messages have become stronger. Flickering lights - the one lamp by the couch where I sit continued to sporadically flicker. It drove me nuts!! I tightened the bulb..didn't work, changed the bulb..didn't work, changed the lamp ..didn't work. When someone (a medium, psychic,, sue me!) told me that F2 was sending me a message, I was happy!!  So...went home, light flickered, I said "Hey!", light no longer flickered! He just wanted to be noticed!  Now the dining room chandelier flickers occasionally as we walk through....LOVE IT!!
     Not enough for  you? How about this? Remember those Gold Coins of Respect 
reverse side
I made about 500 of them for school, cut each one out individually, wrote on both sides, then took them to the Intermediate School District to laminate them. I put them into the laminator about 7 to a row and about 12 feet in length. When I got home and began cutting them apart again, I discovered this right smack dab in the middle of the project:
Yup, it's an actual, real 4-leaf did it get there???
     Just recently, 2 days before my birthday, I was shoveling my sidewalk (which everyone knows I never do!) because guests were coming. This is the strange shadow I found underneath the snow:
....and closer:
sigh...happy birthday to me :)
It was a part of a wind chime that had been hanging on the porch for over 10 years. It fell off in a light breeze and did not land in the snow-covered bushes, but right where I would find it...LOVE IT!!

Love it!!

     My heart, my soul, my spirit fills with love with every message - how could it not be true :)

Happy Parenting!
D and C


  1. Oh, I just love to hear those stories. I, too, believe in signs and it must be so comforting to those who have lost loved ones. New follower here. Love your blog as well & think it is awesome you do it with your son!! Thanks for stopping by today! Stephanie from

  2. Thanks, Stephanie, for following. Absolutely a huge comfort and actually joy from the 'messages'!!


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